Friday, 30 October 2009

Gems from the Collections

Staff and students of the School are invited to take a closer look at items from the fascinating historical collections held by the Library & Archives Service.

On Monday 9th November, between 1pm and 2pm in the e-library (opposite the Manson Lecture Theatre on the ground floor of the South Courtyard), the Library & Archives Service is holding a ‘Gems from the Collections’ session where staff will be available to show you some of the rare and unique documents, artefacts and books that are held in the collections.

There is no need to make an appointment, just drop in and see us in the e-library and find out more about the School’s historical collections. For further information please contact Victoria Cranna, Archivist & Records Manager.

Material on show will include:

The notebook where Sir Ronald Ross recorded his discovery of the mosquito transmission of malaria.

A first edition of Edward Jenner’s controversial "An Inquiry Into the Causes and Effects of the Variolæ Vaccinæ" from 1798.

Richard Doll and Austin Bradford Hill's initial 1950 paper on smoking and carcinoma of the lung from the BMJ online.

The box used to transport malaria infected mosquitoes from Italy to London for an experiment by Sir Patrick Manson in 1901.

"A Collection of the Yearly Bills of Mortality from 1657 to 1758 inclusive" (1759), covering the plague and the great fire of London.

Photographs of staff and students from the 1900s, giving an insight into the early days of the School.

John Snow's original pamphlet "On the Mode of Communication of Cholera" (1849) setting out his ideas regarding the transmission of the disease, which were to be confirmed by the Soho outbreak of 1854. Snow's much expanded work of 1855, which includes his map of the 1854 outbreak, will also be on show.

The joint diary of the entomologist Geoffrey Douglas Hale Carpenter and his wife Amy Frances Carpenter, recording their travels and experiences, including entries from their trips to Uganda for his research on sleeping sickness between 1913 and 1930.

The first edition of Sir Patrick Manson's "Tropical Diseases : a Manual of the Diseases of Warm Climates" (1898).

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Top 20 Library Books

Since the start of term there has been over 1000 transactions from the Library. The top 20 shows the most popular titles you have borrowed. At number 1 is Economic Analysis in health care by Stephen Morris, new into the top 5 is Making health policy by Kent Buse, et al.

The Library uses this information to buy more copies of the most demanded titles and to purchase the latest editions of key texts. We also welcome your recommendations of books to buy, you can suggest a title by completing the suggestion form.

Monday, 26 October 2009


The Library will be holding a number of training sessions in the new e-library in the South Courtyard over the coming few weeks. Please contact Jane Falconer for more details on the training on offer.

When the e-library isn't being used for training you are free to use the PCs. There is no need to book, just walk in.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Library Virtual Tour

If you need help in finding out where different material are held in the Library we can direct you to our virtual tour. This allows you to know which parts of the Library you will need to head towards to find the book, journal, report or pamphlet you need.

Remember to search the catalogue first to see if the item is available in the Library before you go off trying to find it.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Library Laptops

You can now borrow a laptop and use it in the quiet study environment of the Library. All you need is your student card. For more information see our laptop loans scheme.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Introduction to Information Skills

Are you new to finding academic information?

Has it been a few years since you last used an academic library?

Are you unsure how to find the information you need for your studies?

Do you need a refresher course covering the basics of information skills?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'YES', then come along to the Introduction to Information Skills training sessions taking place in the Library during week 1 and week 2.

Sessions will take place twice per day Monday to Friday from 5 - 16 October. You can come along at lunchtime from 13.00-14.00 or after your studies from 17.30-18.30.

There is no need to book a place, just turn up. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Places are limited to 30 per session.

Introduction to information skills 1: finding an item on a reading list and citing it in an assignment
Dates: 05 Oct | 06 Oct | 07 Oct | 08 Oct | 09 Oct
Time: Sessions run two times per day at 13.00-14.00 and 17.30-18.30
Location: Library Reading Room
Download the handout (pdf)

Introduction to information skills 2: searching for information on a topic and assessing the quality of what you have found
Dates: 12 Oct | 13 Oct | 14 Oct | 15 Oct | 16 Oct
Time: Sessions run two times per day at 13.00-14.00 and 17.30-18.30
Location: Library Reading Room
A handout will be available to donwload shortly