Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Gems from the Collections - malaria

Staff and students are invited to have a closer look at the wonderful historical collections that are held at the School. On Wednesday 17th February, between 12 and 2pm in the e-library on the ground floor of the South Courtyard, the Library & Archives Service is holding a 'Gems from the Collections - Malaria' session where staff will be available to show you some of the rare and unique documents, artefacts and books that we hold relating to malaria. Material on show will include:
· The notebook where Sir Ronald Ross made his discovery of the mosquito transmission of malaria
· The box used to transport malaria infected mosquitoes from Italy to London for an experiment by Sir Patrick Manson in 1901
· Material from an expedition to East Africa by School staff to study malaria in the 1930s
· Material from the collections of School staff who worked on malaria including Draper, Garnham, Gillett, Leeson, Lumsden, MacDonald, Macfie, Marshall, Shute, Watson and Wilcocks
· Maps relating to the study of malaria

We will also be displaying some of our rare books and journal articles on all aspects of malaria, including
  • Torti, F. Therapeutice specialis ad febres quasdam perniciosas,[Special treatment for certain harmful fevers] Modena, 1712.
  • de Blegny, Nicolas. Le remede anglois pour la guerison des fievres [The English remedy for the curing of fevers] 1682.
  • Laveran, A. Traite des fievres palustres avec la description des microbes du paludisme. 1884
  • Grassi, GB Studi di uno zoologo sulla malaria. Roma, V.Salviucci, 1900.
  • Ross, R. On some peculiar pigmented cells found in two mosquitos fed on malarial blood. BMJ 1897; 2: 1786-8.

There is no need to make an appointment, just drop in and see us in the e-library and find out more about the School's historical collections.

For further information, please contact Victoria Cranna, Archivist & Records Manager.

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