Monday, 29 April 2013

Etheses: Uncovering Buried Treasure

As mentioned in our birthday blog post last week we now have an E-theses collection area within LSHTM Research Online. The earliest thesis we have deposited so far dates back to 1951 

Willmott, S. M; (1951) Studies on the morphology and development of some members of the family Paramphistomidae, Fischoeder, 1901’
The availability of these e-theses is due to them being requested via the British Library’s Ethos service, which lists theses from across the UK and will arrange the digitisation of a particular thesis if a user requests it. This means that the e-theses we have are often the most popular theses.
Links to the e-theses will also appear in the library catalogue if you are searching for a specific thesis.
Copyright in a thesis always rests with the author unless they have specifically chosen to transfer the copyright to another person, publisher or institution.  All our e-theses’ copyright belongs to the author and can only be used for personal study or research. If any author is unhappy about their thesis being online please contact us and we will remove the full text.

The experience of other institutions is that e-theses are a very popular resource and often accounts for many of their downloads. We are planning that all future LSHTM theses are deposited electronically into LSHTM Research Online with the full text freely available where possible. In certain situations this may not be possible due to the thesis having being selected for publication and in such case there would be an embargo on the full text. 

We hope to have uploaded over 250 e-theses by the end of May with new ones being added each week. Finally the research that was often locked away in a University basement is available for all to read.

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