Friday, 3 May 2013

Archive's Collection of the Month

Nutrition posters from Fiji, Malaysia and Jordan

To celebrate LSHTM's current exhibition, Towards Happier Birth Days we are highlighting the LSHTM Department of Human Nutrition resource (1912-1990) which is part of our Nutrition Collection.
This resource  includes research data, reports, photographs, publications, correspondence and conference papers from a wide range of sources. The resource was heavily used by the School's staff, students and visitors when it was being actively collected.
It includes a vibrant collection of posters from c.1950s, which were created to help mothers choose the best foods to aid both their own and their infants' health. The posters were digitised for the exhibition.
Jordanian poster showing foods matched with a child's physical development
Other posters include a series concerning nutrition and public health in the South Pacific issued by the South Pacific Health Service, Suva, Fiji
This poster encouraged mothers to feed their child certain foods from 1 year old

And some produced for the Ministry of Health, Federation of Malaya

Foods for mother and baby 5-7 months

Foods for mother and baby 8-11 months

For more information on the  collection, visit our catalogue

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