Thursday, 11 July 2013

Big Summer Library Stock Move part III

If you've been in the Library this week, you may have noticed we've been moving things around. This is the start of the 'Big Summer Library Stock Move part III'. 

By the end of the summer items will be in the following locations:
  • Pamphlets will be moved from the Reading Room up to the Gallery
  • Books currently shelved in the Gallery and the Barnard Room will be shelved together downstairs. They will run round the Reading Room, round the Photocopy Room and round the Barnard Room.
This means that all books published after 2000 will be downstairs, in one place and we hope it will make things more accessible and easier for you to find.

Obviously there will be some disruption while we're moving everything around, with books and phamplets shelved in multiple locations. If you can't find something, please ask a member of Library staff for help. 

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