Monday, 12 August 2013

Add your Research Centre/Group to LSHTM Research Online

We already have a  number of research centres and groups listed as collection within LSHTM Research Online but know there are a number of others which we don't. Having your centre or group collected in LSHTM Research Online means that it's research will be managed in a standardised way and will preserve and promote the outputs probably beyond the life of the centre or group.

If you centre or group is not here, all we will need you to do is send through to the members of the centre or group and a list of publications that should be 'tagged' with that name. We will then set up the centre or group and provide you with the ability to 'tag' future publications. Once this has been done we will also provide you with a RSS feed which you can then embed in your own centre or group website this will mean that once a new publication is 'tagged' it will automatically show up on your site.

We can also add posters, powerpoints, reports, conference presentations, audio and video.

To put this in motion or find out how LSHTM Research Online can help promote and preserve  your research just contact us.

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