Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Wiley Open - New Series of Open Access Journals

Wiley Publishing have now joined the Open Access journal route with their Wiley Open series of journals. At present they list 3 journals Brain and Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution and Microbiology Open with hopefully a lot more soon. So now we have

Springer Open

BMJ Open

Sage Open

Scientific Reports from Nature Publishing

So all the big publishers apart from Elsevier have responded to the challenge that PLoS One threw down. Like PLoS One all move the charge from the reader to the author with fees upwards of £1,500. Of course such Open Access fees should be included in any funding applications from the beginning. If you intend to publish in such a journal please contact Andrew Gray andrew.gray@lshtm.ac.uk for advice on keeping your copyright. Hopefully one day we will also see a reduction in subscription fees as a result of publishers being paid upfront

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