Monday, 19 December 2011

2012 Ovid MEDLINE reload

Ovid have informed us that they aim to complete the 2012 reload of Ovid Medline on 3 January 2012. Between 16 December 2011 and 3 January 2012 there will be no updates to the Medline database. Therefore, if you have auto alerts set up, you will not receive any updates during this time.

The annual reload allows Ovid to update the database, reconfigure the data and add any new MeSH terms. Updates for 2012 include:

  • Pharmacological Action limit added to limits
  • New MeSH terms including: coinfection, disease resistance, drinking water, numbers needed to treat, occupational injuries, patient safety, reproductive health, sex workers, social media, text messaging, water quality. A full list of new MeSH terms is available at
    Note that the new terms will only be added to articles added to the database from 01 January 2012. They will not be retrospectively added to articles already added to the database.
  • Changes to MeSH terms are listed at There are a few changes which may be of interest to School staff and students.
  • Deleted MeSH terms are listed at These will not be deleted from articles already indexed with these terms, however from January 2012, the replacement terms will be used instead.
  • A complete list of the changes made to MeSH for 2012 is given at

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