Monday, 12 December 2011

Collection of the month: Centre for Sexual and Reproductive Health

This month we are focussing on our collection of posters, ephemera, and campaign and evaluation material from our Centre for Sexual and Reproductive Health collection. The collection was donated to the Archives Service by the School’s Centre in 2004 and includes a wealth of visual and textual material concerning the first 20 years of AIDS prevention and awareness in Europe. The collection contains over 700 items which serve as a valuable resource for those studying the early impact of HIV/AIDS and global pandemics as well as public health propaganda.

The posters concern issues such as safe sex and the harmful effects of sharing needles. They originate from countries across Europe and use strong imagery to illustrate how HIV is transmitted. The ephemera in the collection includes t-shirts, caps, condom packaging, badges, bags, leaflets and tapes and videos from various countries. The evaluation and campaign material includes pamphlets and leaflets from campaigns carried out across Europe and surveys and research collated by various market research companies.

An exhibition of some of the posters from the 1980s-1990s is on display in the Library Exhibition area until 22 December 2011. If you would like to find out more about the collection or any other of the collections held in the Archives visit our webpage at or contact us at

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