Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Definitions: hybrid and open access journals

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Terminology in open access publishing can be confusing, so below we have defined what we
mean when we use the terms ‘hybrid’ and ‘open access’ journal.

Hybrid journal

A hybrid journal offers authors the choice of publishing via the ‘traditional’ method of access to
articles via a subscription OR making individual articles freely available online (often termed ‘open access’). Hybrid journals usually charge authors, their institutions or funders an additional fee for making an article open access. The open access article will appear in the subscription-based print and electronic versions as normal. Open access articles in hybrid journals should be marked as ‘open access’ or have a symbol that signifies they are open access.

Examples of publishers that have hybrid journals include:

Fully Open Access Journal

A fully open access journal makes every article freely available without a subscription to the
user. An Article Processing Charge (APC) will usually have to be paid to cover the cost of making the publication open access. Many open access journals are peer-reviewed in the same way as traditionally published journals and are gaining high impact factors.

Examples of publishers of fully open access journals:

The Directory of Open Access Journals has a list of fully open access journals.

More information about open access publishing is available from our website or by
contacting us at: researchonline@lshtm.ac.uk

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