Thursday, 27 June 2013

Publish with Elsevier? Send us your full text

According to SherpaRomeo  Elsevier publishes 1889 journals including the Lancet so the likelihood of you publishing in one of their journals is very high. Elsevier is a subscription publisher so in order to read the research they publish you will need to either be at an institution that has a subscription or purchase daily access to the article (roughly $30 per day). To ensure that your research reaches more readers we ask you to send through to your author accepted manuscript.
So what is this? Sometimes it is known as the ‘post-print’ or ‘author accepted manuscript’. This is the version of your article that has been accepted by the journal after it has been peer reviewed. It cannot have any publisher pagination or branding on it. Usually it will be in a word format. If you send this through to us we will convert to pdf and once it has been deposited into LSHTM Research Online anyone can read and access that article. In fact once you have had your article accepted please just send through this version and once the article is published we will make it available. We will of course have a direct link to the publisher’s final pdf so that if someone does have a subscription to the journal then they can still read that version.

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