Monday, 3 June 2013

Wellcome Trust extends open access to monographs and book chapters

Book Depot float, Red Cross Procession, Brisbane, 1944
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One enquiry that comes up fairly regularly from researchers has been about open access book chapters and monographs, either asking if they came make them open or where they can find open access monographs and book chapters. Often important research is disseminated within these formats and their presence online has been small, especially since over time books tend to just stay within library walls. Wellcome Trust have just addressed this by now extending their open access policy to cover these

A couple of points to remember:

  1. This only applies to book chapters and monographs NOT textbooks or edited collections
  2. The policy comes into effect for current Wellcome Trust grant holders from October 1st 2014 and for new grant holders from October 1st 2013
Those who are interested in making upcoming monographs or book chapters open access please get in touch.

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