Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Gems of the Collection

On Tuesday 30th October we will be running our Gems of the Collection event in association with the Sanitation Exhibition.

The event will be in the Manson Foyer from 12-2pm and will showcase some key sanitation material from within our archival collection. This includes various publications, reports and images from the papers of notable figures:

Andrew Balfour (1873-1931)
Photographs illustrating reports on medical and sanitary matters in Mauritius 1921
Report on the sanitation of Port Louis, 1921
Catalogue of his collection of lantern slides on Bermuda


Hygiene: a manual of personal and public health 

Arthur Newsholme (1857-1943)
The relation of vital statistics to sanitary reform
Moral aspects of social hygiene
The study of hygiene in elementary schools


Ronald Ross (1857-1932)
Photos of Ross and Panama
Sanitation rules for Europeans in the Tropics by Ross in the Sanitary Record
Handwritten draft of a proposed Imperial Institute of Tropical Medicine and Sanitation

J H Burton (1809-1881)
and Edwin Chadwick (1800-1890)
Papers of Sir Edwin Chadwick, which comprise of copies of letters from Chadwick to John Hill Burton on public health matters, 1840-1851

There will be many other items on display, including a selection of texts from our rare book collection. By providing a hands-on session we hope to provide an insight into the diversity of our collections whilst promoting the school’s rich history.

Please come along and visit us, if you have any further queries please contact us at: archive@lshtm.ac.uk

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