Thursday, 11 October 2012

Sanitation Showcase

The Golden Poo
On Thursday 18th October in collaboration with External Relations we will be unveiling our Sanitation and Hygiene Exhibition. The launch event will bring together professionals in the sector, staff and students to introduce the exhibition and highlight the School's current sanitation and hygiene-related research.

As part of the exhibition there are a number of sanitation, toilet and hygiene items on display, including the Golden Poo! There are also a selection of postcards, a variety of squat plates and other toilet items that help to highlight some of the school’s past and current work within the sanitation field.
In addition, we have used some historical material from the archive to evidence that the issues of sanitation and public health have always been a prominent area of research within the school. This includes items from the Newsholme collection, two of our rare books which include an illustration of the Houses of Parliament sewage system and the Balfour Kirk manuscript which offers advice to those travelling abroad.

Rare book from the Newsholme collection, containing annotations and drawings by Sir Arthur Newsholme for his revised edition.

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